Pařmen Leo Beránek will get married: He will marry his fiancee, who is 43 years younger, in a non-traditional place!

When photos appeared of the charming Kateřina leading businessman Leo Beránek after a wild party through the streets of Karlovy Vary, many thought that this romance would not last long. And that it’s a classic fling between an older man and a significantly younger girl. But the lover of luxury brands and good champagne apparently found the love of his life in a sultry brunette. And so he will marry her in a few weeks!

The well-known businessman and party king has been dating Kateřina for almost four years. Although they are separated by 43 years, their relationship is going great.

Whenever possible, Beránek pulls Kateřina close to him, they like to pose together. Now the businessman has decided to move on.

His brunette girlfriend got a big diamond ring and said yes. Although, according to Leo Beránek, she didn’t have much of a choice!

“I didn’t make any drama about it, I’m not for that. I just announced it and it was done!” a businessman revealed to

Vara’s night moves tend to be the best.

It moves to the clamp relatively quickly. Leo Aries doesn’t play any games for a year and a day, on the contrary, the wedding will be in almost a month!

“We’re getting married in the first half of November this year in Las Vegas,” added the rich man, who must feel at home in the famous place of clubs and casinos.

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