Pavel Malkov was elected secretary of the regional branch of “United Russia” –

Pavel Malkov was elected secretary of the regional branch of “United Russia”

On Wednesday, September 21, the XXXVI conference of the Ryazan regional branch of United Russia took place at the Youth Palace.

There were 142 delegates in the hall. Governor of the Ryazan region Pavel Malkov, deputy secretary of the General Council of the party Daria Lankratova, member of the presidium of the party, deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Khubezov, deputies of the Ryazan regional and Ryazan city Dumas, other political and public figures took part in the conference.

Several key issues were on the agenda. The first of them concerned the results of the elections of the electoral cycle in 2022. Arkady Fomin, Chairman of the Regional Duma, made a presentation. He noted that the regional branch of the party took part in 74 election campaigns at various levels, the main of which was the election of the governor of the Ryazan region.

“We faced a serious task – a confident, undeniable victory of our candidate. And we can safely say that the regional branch of the party has successfully coped with this task. Today, Pavel Viktorovich took up the post of governor of the Ryazan region,” said Arkady Fomin.

In addition, the conference participants considered the issue of early termination of the powers of the secretary of the Ryazan regional branch. According to Arkady Fomin, on September 19, the former secretary of the regional branch of the party, Nikolai Lyubimov, wrote a letter of resignation. The delegates of the conference voted unanimously in favour.

Finally, the conference considered the issue of electing a new secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia party. According to the charter of the party, the secretary of the regional branch is elected from among the delegates of the conference, by secret ballot, on an alternative basis. This means that at least two candidates must be nominated for consideration by the voter. The first contender for the post of secretary was Pavel Malkov, the second was the secretary of the local branch of the party of the Sasovsky district, Irina Seregina.

135 votes were cast for Pavel Malkov. Pavel Malkov thanked his fellow party members for the support, which, according to him, he “felt from the first day of his work in the Ryazan region.”

“I repeated many times that a person alone cannot change a large system. Change can only be achieved by a large team of like-minded people. The regional branch of the party is just such a team,” said Pavel Malkov.

The governor spoke about how he intends to build work in a new position. He noted that he would rely on the “People’s Program”, which generally determines the vector of the country’s development.

“We will continue to implement all the initiatives of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, party projects. The issues raised by our citizens will also be a priority,” he said.

Pavel Malkov also emphasized the importance of the system of “deputy control” in solving specific problems on the ground.

In conclusion, the governor of the Ryazan region emphasized the importance of supporting a special military operation.

United Russia is the country’s main political party. It participates in all processes without exception in the country, including in terms of supporting the NWO. Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a number of new tasks, and we have a lot of new work ahead of us. In it, I also count on the regional branch of the party – on my associates and like-minded people, ”said Pavel Malkov.

Photo: Ryazan regional branch of the United Russia party

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