Pehlets school being repaired in Korablinsky district

Pehlets school being repaired in Korablinsky district

In the Korablinsky district, the building of the Pekhletska school named after V.V. Solovova. Recall that local residents spoke about the need to repair the school to Acting Governor Pavel Malkov, who visited the educational institution in early July. Funds from the regional budget were allocated for the repair.

Natalia Sorokina, school director:

“Contractor – IP Lavrov I.A. – changes the roof, electrical wiring, heating. And also repairs the 2nd floor of the building: ceiling, walls, floors. All work is carried out simultaneously. During the renovation period, students in grades 1–3 study in the kindergarten building, and grades 4–11 in the Neznanovskaya school. All in one shift. Transportation and hot meals for schoolchildren are provided.”

According to the district administration, the school should be repaired by November 20. The plan is to overhaul it.

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