Police and special services: Power structures:

Heads of two directorates of the central administration Ministry of Internal Affairs Petersburg and Leningrad region was dismissed following the results of an audit following the entrepreneur’s complaint about the illegal actions of the security forces. About it RBK a law enforcement source said.

Heads of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department lost their posts Evgeny Ulyanov and managing your own security Alexey Vasiliev… The decision to resign them was made on December 30, 2021, following the results of an internal audit conducted in connection with a businessman’s complaint about the actions of the police in the company’s office.

December 10, the head of the St. Petersburg head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Roman Plugin ordered to bring to justice 18 employees of the anti-corruption department, headed by the chief Ulyanov, reported “Fontanka”… Ulyanov was severely reprimanded, and his subordinates were declared incomplete official compliance. An official check in the St. Petersburg police was carried out on behalf of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev

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