Poroshenko accused Zelensky of intending to become a dictator KXan 36 Daily News

Before returning to Ukraine, former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused the incumbent head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky, of trying to become a dictator.

“You are trying to become a dictator. Turn democracy into a dictatorship. You want to eliminate the open-list electoral system. You are afraid of parliamentary elections, and therefore you want to postpone them. Because after the parliamentary elections you have no chance of taking the presidential elections,” the ex-president wrote on Facebook.

According to him, with the case against the former president, Zelensky is trying to divert attention from the miscalculations and the critical situation that, thanks to the incompetence of the team, has developed in the country.

Poroshenko confirmedthat will return to Ukraine on Monday, January 17. On the same day, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev will consider a petition to impose a preventive measure against the former president of Ukraine in a case of high treason. He is accused of assisting terrorism in the case of coal supplies from Donbass. A total of 130 criminal cases were initiated against the ex-president, but about 40 of them were closed.

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