Premiere of the musical Mama: Sex bomb Lela was having fun, Karlos was watching

Influencer Lela Ceterov (33) took husband Karlos Vmola (37) to the premiere of the comedy musical Moms, but she had no idea what was in the girl. The MMA fighter, who likes movies and other entertainment altogether, not a game about motherhood and childbirth, was writhing like a snake. Wasn’t it a relief for him?

Manel Lela Ceterov and Karlos Vmola they couldn’t miss the award ceremony at the Lucie Bl Theater. Both are friends with my fiancé Radek Filipi, who was also present at their controversial wedding.

Although the MMA fighter has known in the past, he likes culture and likes to watch a good movie and go to the theater, but this year was not much for him. Actually, it was probably boring for him. But the women laughed at that and grabbed each other.

It’s just a play about babies, birth, motherhood, parenting, even in a very funny version, which many mothers appreciated, but men didn’t find much in it. After that, Karlos, who knows how to take action and knows male humor, was very excited to watch.

Even before being introduced, he went down the stairs, where he got hurt. He probably didn’t push much into the bare staff. While Lela was completely amazed.

Lela and Karlos are still in love.

She left the play with a smile from ear to ear, she recognized that absolutely everything that the little child liked, and as a mother of two, she appreciated this musical.

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