Protest! Get away! challenge Zelensky called the Russians. A pseudo-referendum was launched

Protest! Fight! Get away! Or take a trip to Ukraine! These are variants of how to five, according to the DPA agency, Zelensky turned in his routine video message to the people of Russia. According to him, 55,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine since the invasion.

Zelenskyj thus turned to his mothers and wives, who had received a permission order. Do not doubt that the children of your state will not stand up for the wolves against Ukraine. Those who make decisions in your country, bless the children. And your children will not even be moved, he said.

Addressing all his compatriots, Zelenskyi said that Russian mobilization is a sign of Ukraine’s strength. Because of this decision, the wolf will not be just a television event for the Russians, but an entry into real life. On the contrary, nothing has changed for the Ukrainians, they will continue to fight for freedom for their country, he said.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization by the wall. Rut officials announced that day that 300,000 men would be affected, and only those with previous military experience.

Russia reneges on mobilization promises, claims ISW

The Russian ranks began to criticize the conditions of the mobilization on the very first day after its annihilation. The quotas set for drafts for individual regions can be fulfilled, but this does not mean that Moscow will mobilize an effective fighting force. This was stated by the American institute ISW in its regular analysis of the wolf in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Zapadn and some Russian media reported on cases when a group of commissar soldiers issued orders to arrest protesters in Moscow and Voronezh. The Russian media reported on a bank IT specialist who received a clearance order, even though he had never served in the army or attended military training courses.

A student at the University of Buryatsk posted pictures of the police regularly pulling students out of school, despite the fact that the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Ojgu, has repeatedly declared that the students will not be mobilized.

The amounts set by the Kremlin are likely to force regional officials to mobilize as much as possible, regardless of their military experience, ISW said, adding that any recruit will join the army on par with a poor morsel. The Kremlin’s approach (…) is unlikely to create effective troops and without any contribution provoke a negative reaction on the domestic scene, the institute added.

According to some testimonies, recruitment officers and the police apply reckless mobilization procedures, where they give advance notice by phone, issue it in the middle of the night, and announce the mobilization through websites on social media.

According to the American think-tank, the Kremlin will mobilize ethnically non-Russian and Pishthovalac groups in particular to a disproportionate extent. only the pro-Kremlin Council for Human Rights Kirill Kabanov proposed compulsory military service for Central Asian pistlovka. He threatened that if the case was rejected they would be taken away from the Russian religion.

asopis Nastojaeje vremja reported on a village in Buryatsk, where about 700 mu were taken out of the total sweat of 5500 inhabitants, i.e. 25 percent of the musk population. The Armenian Telegram channel published a list of those mobilized from Tuapse in the Krasnodar region, where 90 percent are ethnic Armenians, although the Armenian community makes up only 8.5 percent of the city’s population.

They will hold a referendum on joining Russia

In the Russian-controlled or occupied parts of Ukraine, referendums will be held on their accession to the Russian Federation. Immediately after the announcement of their actions, Zapad made it clear that he did not recognize their consequences. In a similar way, Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014.

In an apparently coordinated effort by Moscow, representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic announced on Tuesday that the referendum on joining Russia will begin on Friday and continue until Tuesday.

This was also reported by ranks in the Russian-occupied Khersonsk and Zporosk regions. Russian President Vladimir Putin supported them in a public speech, in which he immediately announced a massive mobilization.

Similar to the case of the annexation of Crimea, Russia tries to tweet that it is not involved in the so-called referendums. The speaker announced the crash. Similar to the fall of Crimea eight years ago, it will not be monitored by an independent observer.

The representatives of the European Union, the United States, and the United Nations condemned the hastily submitted referendum and stated that it was in conflict with international law.

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