Putin submitted to the State Duma an agreement on a common air defense system with Tajikistan – RBK

President Vladimir Putin submitted for ratification to the State Duma an agreement between Russia and Tajikistan on the creation of a joint air defense system (air defense), the corresponding document posted in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament.

“In order to increase the efficiency of solving the problems of air defense in the region, the parties are creating the Joint Regional Air Defense System of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan, which is an integral part of the joint air defense system of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States,” the document says.

The agreement specifies that given the disunity of the territories of the two countries, the parties to the agreement will allocate a separate collective security area within the region within the territory and airspace of Tajikistan. At the same time, the command of Russian forces on the territory of Tajikistan will be carried out by the commander of the troops of the Russian Central Military District.

According to the document, the agreement will be concluded for a period of five years with automatic renewal for subsequent five-year periods, “if none of the parties notifies the other party in writing through diplomatic channels at least six months before the expiration of the next period of its intention to terminate it. “.

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