Relations between Russia and NATO are at a critically low level – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Russian Defense Ministry told about the report of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, at the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council held on January 12 in Brussels.

The ministry informed that there the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation conveyed to the leadership and representatives of the alliance Russian assessments of the current state of affairs in the field of European security. In addition, Fomin provided clarifications on the military aspects of the Russian draft agreement on security guarantees.

He stressed that “Russian-NATO relations are at a critically low level. This is taking place against the background of global instability, terrorist threat, the deployment of another arms race, as well as the complete degradation of the security architecture in Europe.” Fomin also recalled that in the current legal documents regulating relations between Russia and NATO, there is “a commitment to interaction as partners, without creating threats to each other’s security.”

It was indicated that Russia has repeatedly offered the alliance to take measures to de-escalate the situation. But on the part of NATO, our initiatives were ignored. And this creates the preconditions for incidents and conflicts, and undermines the foundations of security.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation said that in these conditions, the President of Russia V.V. Putin decided to send the US and NATO draft agreements on legally binding security guarantees.

Alexander Fomin listed the key issues, on the solution of which we consider it necessary to focus. These are, first of all, guarantees that NATO will not expand eastward at the expense of Ukraine and other countries. Second, commitments not to deploy new American intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe, since the deployment of such weapons could radically worsen security conditions on the continent. Finally, limiting military activity in Europe, excluding the buildup of so-called forward-based contingents. All these proposals have been brought to the attention of the Russia-NATO Council and are on the negotiating table.

It was noted that the Russian Federation is counting on their constructive discussion in order to quickly reach the preparation of agreements on security guarantees for the Russian Federation.

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