Rescuers of drowning girls sell donated beer, and give it to charity

Petr Jirout infuses the smell of drunken beer into charitable beers.
| photo: Police R

Petr Jirout saved the two-year-old girl who drowned in Chrudimka. The Bernard family brewery rewarded him for this deed with the Bernard award, for which he received free beer for a year.

However, the first winner of the prize does not want to keep the beer for himself, he intended to sell it in his restaurant and then donate it to a charity organization.

We will drink Bernard’s prize together on January 14th and 15th at our restaurant and dedicate the entire evening to charity. The members themselves are asked which charitable organization or activity they will support with their pension, Petr Jirout, who runs the Rek na Mln restaurant in Chrudim.

The tragedy happened at the end of August this year, when a two-year-old girl fell out of the apartment window into the lake and started drowning. Jirout watched Chrudimka and her little boy for a while, and he saw the child. He jumped into the quiet river from a few meters away and saved the boy

The Bernard family brewery appreciates people, collectives or organizations as positive, positive and admirable others. Among other things, Bernard’s prize is symbolically represented by a heart of gold.

For the price, we add beer in the amount corresponding to the average annual consumption per inhabitant of the Czech Republic, which is currently 130 liters, explains the manager of the Family Brewery, Bernard Zdenk Mikulek.

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