Ride on the hood: an incident with a driver and a policeman in Derbent caught on video

Footage appeared on the Web showing a driver driving a police officer in Derbent on the hood of a car. Initially, the law enforcement officer demanded that the man stop the car, but the motorist ignored the demand of the law enforcement officer, and then drove off.

Subsequently, the identity of the attacker was established, at the moment the driver of the VAZ car is wanted.

“The driver’s identity has been established, measures are being taken to arrest him. In the actions of 27-year-old Basharatov Mehman Nazim-Ogly, there are signs of corpus delicti under part 2 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the available information, having driven a little, the driver abandoned the VAZ 2107 car and fled from the place, “- said in a message posted on Instagram of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is currently unknown whether the man was intoxicated, this will be clarified after he is detained, after which the necessary examinations will be carried out. In addition, it is reported that the man behind the wheel did not have a driver’s license.

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