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Head of Russian state corporation “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin asked the new Kazakh minister Askar Umarov not to appear on Baikonur… He wrote about this in his Telegram

At the Baikonur cosmodrome, we will not be happy with Minister Askar Umarov. We are not waiting for him there

Dmitry RogozinHead of Roscosmos

Askar Umarov became Minister of Information and Social Development after the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, amid massive protests, dismissed the government and formed a new one. Prior to that, he worked as a deputy minister and headed the Kazinform agency.

Rogozin was not the first Russian official to react sharply to Umarov’s appointment. Refusal to work with a Kazakh official stated head of Rossotrudnichestvo Evgeny Primakov… According to him, Umarov adheres to Russophobic views. “I dare to recall the old, automatically working and proven rule that Rossotrudnichestvo does not maintain contacts, does not work and does not cooperate with Russophobic rubbish,” concluded Primakov.

Who are you, mister Umarov?

Umarov himself repliedthat his image in Russia is demonized, and he is not who he is presented. According to the official, in all previous positions, he tried to conduct fruitful work with Russian partners. “Once again I want to reaffirm my adherence to the principles of tolerance and friendship of peoples, the unity of the people of Kazakhstan and fraternal relations with neighbors,” he said.

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Despite this, the new minister is credited with the authorship of controversial quotes, in particular, under the nickname TurkMedia on Facebook. The owner of this account has repeatedly called the Russians in Kazakhstan an “imposed diaspora” and “Rusnya” that needs to be assimilated. In addition, the user made harsh statements about Victory Day, and called the Great Patriotic War “alien”. “When everyone gets drunk with vodka and celebrates the incomprehensible day of victory, you will remember with a prayer our unfortunate grandfathers who did not return from someone else’s war. Whom did you win, what did you win? ” – he wrote.

In addition, TurkMedia promoted the integration of Kazakhstan with Turkey. And in 2017, the Kazinform agency, headed by Umarov, published a map of the “great Kazakhstan”, which included Russian the city of Omsk and Orenburg… Prior to appointment as the head of Kazinform, Umarov called Russia was a “former metropolis” and complained that Kazakhstanis “are simply not allowed to carry out the decolonization of consciousness.”

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In addition, Umarova suspect Covered by the author of “language patrols” Kuat Akhmetov. It is assumed that it was the official who helped Akhmetov avoid criminal liability for inciting ethnic hatred and leave Kazakhstan.

Find the culprit

Political scientist from the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Valery Korovin approvesthat it was Kazakh nationalists who became the driving force behind the protests and riots in Kazakhstan. According to him, they were “set up for this in advance and discussed the scenario.” “Therefore, people with satellite phones were detained when the connection was cut off in order to contact their curators,” Korovin explained.

In the same vein about the nature of protests and riots in Kazakhstan spoke out and the Russian president Vladimir Putin… He stated that the country used technologies of power information support for the riots, which were known from the Maidan. In particular, well-organized and well-controlled groups of militants, including those trained in terrorist camps abroad, were used.

The fact that foreign terrorists took part in the protests in the republic, stated and Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev himself. In particular, they talked about militants from Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Middle East. The President of Kazakhstan called the purpose of the attack to create chaos and overthrow the government in the country. According to him, that is why the country decided to conduct a counter-terrorist operation.

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