Rosaviatsia linked pilots’ mistakes with equipment deficiencies in their cockpits – RBK

The Federal Air Transport Agency believes that the lack of equipment in the cockpit of aircraft leads to erroneous actions of the pilots. This follows from “Flight Safety Information No. 18” signed by the head of the department, Alexander Neradko. The document was sent to the heads of airlines and civil aviation organizations, write “News”.

Among the factors that are associated with pilot errors, the Federal Air Transport Agency pointed to the ergonomic features and disadvantages of aircraft cockpit equipment. In particular, the department announced the close location and the same shape of the controls of various aircraft systems, their inconvenient location and the lack of protection against erroneous or unintentional switching on and off: protective caps, safety brackets, latches and locks.

Among other factors that affect pilot errors, the Federal Air Transport Agency pointed to deviations from standard operating procedures in a normal or abnormal situation, as well as deficiencies in communication between pilots. Also, the department listed among other factors the lack of mutual control and confirmation of operations with the cockpit equipment, the overloading of operations by one of the crew members in the absence of assistance from the other, inaccuracy, inattention, distraction, as well as the haste of decisions and actions of the pilots.

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