Roscosmos announced preparations for flight on Crew Dragon – RBK

Russian cosmonauts are preparing to fly on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, and a number of operations on it are now being reviewed. Told about it TASS Sergei Krikalev, executive director of Roskosmos for manned space programs.

“While with the ship itself there is no [ознакомления российских космонавтов], they are getting acquainted with the operations together with Crew Dragon, because it is a common task, ”he said.

Krikalev added that the cosmonaut training program on the spacecraft still needs to be clarified. Crew members, he pointed out, will first have to prepare for emergency procedures – “what to do if something goes wrong.” According to him, the cosmonauts will also have to study all personal protective equipment – a lodgment and a spacesuit.

Krikalev expressed confidence that cross flights of cosmonauts and astronauts are expedient. In his opinion, this will improve the reliability of the system – both Moscow and Washington will have their representatives on the ISS.

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