Rusov tries to break into Georgia even on bicycles, so flee to Mongolia

A full plane went to Turkey, for example, and queues formed at many border crossings, the AP agency described.

Many Russians decided to leave the country after President Vladimir Putin announced the so-called wall mobilization in the center. Tickets to countries with which Moscow has non-stop communication, such as Turkey, Armenia, Serbia, and Serbia, began to disappear. And fronts began to form on the land borders not only with Georgia, but also with Kazakhstan or Mongolia.

The Verkhnij Lars-Kazbegi pedestrian route is the only option to the beautiful land border from Russia to Georgia. Now wait a long hour for the Rusov infantry. Some even ride bikes to get to the other side faster. You can’t cross the border with pky.

I stood in line since nine in the (Thursday) morning and got to the other side faster because, as you can see, I used a means, a Russian from Vorone, who managed to get to Georgia by bike late Thursday evening, told the newspaper. I’ll rent an apartment, see you later. J could go to the father because he had to work from home, he explained his full story.

A fifth of those interviewed by the BBC at the border explained their departure from Russia by the first wave of mobilization.

The last time we spent about an hour at the border, and this time it took us about 12 hours, said a young man who was recently on vacation in Georgia. According to the couple, the border guards let all the passengers pass without any problems, while the Georgians turned away several people who, as it seemed to the couple, could be originally from the Caucasus region.

Queues on the borders with Georgia, Kazakhstan or Mongolia capture some videos on social networks. On Thursday, Russian President Dmitry Peskov initially declared the pesto fronts false.

At the border with Kazakhstan, the lines of cars were so long that some people decided to leave their cars and continue walking.

So, according to a reporter from the Reuters agency, traffic is not normal on the Russian-Finnish border. At first, don’t worry about huge fronts from the Finnish border. A Russian permit is required to enter Finland from Georgia.

The Kremlin claims that 300,000 reservists with military experience will be allowed into the armed forces. However, according to the Russian-language website of the BBC, warrants are delivered in large numbers in Russia, even people without military experience or men over 60 years of age can receive them.

I will gladly break my arm, my leg, go to prison, anything, just to avoid this situation, he told the BBC about the prospect of being allowed to take up arms, the man from Kaliningrad.

One of those who managed to get to Turkey in the last few days was 41-year-old Yevgenij. He arrived in Istanbul with one suitcase and a backpack, and now he’s starting a new life in Israel. I’m against this wolf, I don’t want to be his bite. I don’t want to be a murderer, I won’t kill people, he told the AP agency.

Some of the Russians decided to flee to the neighboring Blorusk, which is a close friend of Russia. In this context, the Belarusian opozin denk Naa Niva reported that the Belarusian secret services had instructed her to search for people who evaded the draft in hotels and rented apartments and report them to the Russian adm.

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