Russia called “secret aid” to Ukraine a threat to world security: Politics: Russia:

If the United States provides “secret assistance” to Ukraine in the form of supply of military equipment, this will demonstrate their unwillingness to resolve the situation in the world. In conversation with “” committee member Federation Council on international affairs Sergey Tsekov stressed that if such a step is really taken, it could jeopardize the security of the whole world.

USA will have “Secret aid” to Ukraine by supplying the country with a radar system and marine equipment in the amount of $ 200 million, taken from The Pentagon… This was reported by Politico, citing Ukrainian and American officials.

The publication reported that Washington intends to send a “radar system and some maritime equipment” to its European partner as part of this aid package. The delivery time is unknown.

According to Politico, the $ 200 million was approved under Biden’s authority to write off budget funds.

Rejection of the world

“If this is implemented, it will just testify that they are not very willing to settle the situation in Ukraine and, in principle, in relations between Russia and NATO bloc“, – said Tsekov.

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The senator noted that the United States is on the wrong path. According to him, it happened 30 years ago. “They are not ready to talk on equal terms, they are not ready to talk about security. Security for everyone, ”the senator emphasized.

Tsekov said that with such steps, if they are really implemented, the United States endangers the security of not only Russia, but also Europe, and ultimately the entire world. Supporting Ukraine with military equipment would be a big mistake, Tsekov concluded.

Previously representatives US Republican Party in Congress presented a bill that called for new weapons to be sent to Ukraine, including missiles and air defense systems. The corresponding document was submitted to the US House of Representatives on Monday, January 10, by a group of Republican congressmen, in particular Michael McCall from Texas and Mike Rogers from Alabama.

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