Russia expects a clear response from NATO to its proposals – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“The Russian proposals were presented in writing, they are absolutely clear and interrelated. We also expect NATO countries to present their views on how to go along the path of implementing the proposals that we put forward, or explain why they are unacceptable,” – noted the Deputy Foreign Minister. According to him, only after that it will be possible to make “a decision on how to move forward.”

The diplomat warned that if the alliance tries to pursue a policy of containing Russia, it will retaliate. “If NATO switches to a policy of containment, it means that it will be a counterdeterrence policy on our part, if it is intimidation, it will be counter-intimidation, if it is a search for some vulnerabilities in the defense system of the Russian Federation, it will also be a search for NATO vulnerabilities. This is not our choice, but there will be no other way if we fail to reverse the current very dangerous course of events, “Grushko said. “We will take all measures – political, military-technical, in order to prevent any infringement of the legitimate interests of the defense and security of Russia,” the deputy minister added.

According to him, Russia expects to get out of the crisis situation in relations with NATO on the basis of a balance of interests.

As for the Russian proposals on security guarantees, then, as Grushko pointed out, they are all interconnected. “We are told, let’s immediately start some de-escalation measures – this is the improvement of tools, mechanisms for preventing dangerous incidents, this is the withdrawal of exercises from the Russia-NATO contact borders to an agreed depth. at least, to fix unchanged this border of contact, “the diplomat drew attention to one of the existing problems. “If this border moves east again, what will we have to do? imperative “, – noted Grushko.

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