Russian film “Country Sasha” entered the program of the Berlinale “Generation 14+”

The Berlin International Film Festival continues to share details on how it will go and what it will show in 2022. Today, the 72nd Berlinale partially announced the Generation and Generation 14+ programs, as well as the program of series and projects that will be included in the co-production section of the Berlinale Co-Production Market.

Unfortunately, there are few projects from Russia, or rather, only one. But this is already, one might say, to joy. The film “Country Sasha” directed by Yulia Trofimova was included in the Generation 14+ program. In the same program, among the six named projects, there is one from Kazakhstan – “Scheme” directed by Farhat Sharipov with the participation of Russian actors. In particular, actress Victoria Romanova starred in it.

About the film “Country Sasha” it is known that it was filmed based on the book of the same name by Gala Uzryutova. The main character, Sasha, is a high school graduate who has no father. He has to find himself and sort out the relationship with his mother, who can’t let go of her son. Sasha wants to draw, but her mother prefers her son’s career to develop in a different direction. Against the backdrop of these unrest, Sasha meets a girl – Zhenya, with whom he falls in love … The couple goes to Kaliningrad to test themselves and their feelings and get rid of fears.

The film with Mark Eidelstein, Maria Matsel, Evgenia Gromova, Dmitry Endaltsev in the lead roles will be shown in Berlin for the first time – as part of the program, its world premiere will take place. The film community knows the young director Yulia Trofimova for her short films that have been to more than 70 world festivals. And a wide Russian audience is familiar with her from the series “Instalife”.

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