Russian Foreign Ministry caught the US State Department of deceiving Ukraine: Politics: World:

During the negotiations within the framework of the meeting of the Council, Russia – NATO partners touched upon the topic of Ukraine against their wishes Kiev not to discuss these issues without the presence of the Ukrainian side. This was stated by the deputy head Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Grushko at a press conference following the Russia-NATO Council meeting, the broadcast is available at Youtube-channel RBK.

The diplomat recalled the statement of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that not a word will be said about Ukraine without Ukraine. “But today our partners discussed Ukraine, well, probably one and a half hours out of the four allotted,” he said. Thus, Grushko caught the American State Department of deceiving Kiev.

At the same time, before the negotiations Moscow and NATO head of the Ukrainian president’s office Andrey Ermak recalled the guarantees that Kiev received from the American president Joe Biden… It was about the fact that issues related to the security of Ukraine will not be discussed with other countries without her presence. “And the principle” nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine “will be adhered to during any negotiations”, – quotes his Regnum

Jan. 7 Department of State reportedthat Blinken had a telephone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleboy… During the discussion of the upcoming diplomatic contacts with Russia, he promised that there would be no talk about Ukraine without the presence of representatives of the official Kiev.

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