Russian tourists who got into an accident were assisted by the best doctors in Vitebsk

On New Year’s holidays, no one thinks about bad things. So a group of Russian tourists on the third of January in high spirits went on an excursion to Belarus. But instead of visiting museums and ancient palaces, many ended up in a hospital …

On a snowy and slippery road, a serious accident happened due to the negligence of the driver of a Renault passenger car. During overtaking, he drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a sightseeing bus, which overturned. It happened on the 120th kilometer of the M-8 highway in the Liozno region. The driver of the car died on the spot, 41 Russians needed medical assistance, who were injured, including serious ones. Even before the ambulance carriages arrived, they were rendered by drivers passing along the highway, not indifferent local residents. Here is how one of the victims, Tatiana, told about it:

– We did not see how everything happened, because we slept, – there was a night move from Moscow. Feeling the blow, we woke up and began to fall. Many thanks to the residents of Belarus who were driving by: they stopped, helped us get out of the bus, offered to warm up in their cars, someone came with first-aid kits. We were not left until the arrival of the special services. Ambulances arrived quickly and everyone was ready to take us to the Vitebsk hospital.

The doctors worked clearly: first of all, they took patients in serious condition to the clinic, and then those who were less injured. In parallel, employees of the traffic police, the Investigative Committee, road services acted. They provided all the necessary information about the situation and the victims. The head physician of the Vitebsk Regional Hospital Yevgeniy Matusevich promptly answered questions from Belarusian journalists and their colleagues from Russia. According to him, in order to receive a large number of victims, the surgical department was redesigned. Five patients were sent immediately to the operating room – they were diagnosed with spinal injuries, bone fractures. Including a fracture of the foot was also received by the Belarusian – the bus driver. The rest of the tourists were, according to the doctors, in a satisfactory condition. Everyone was warmed and fed with the greatest possible hospitality in this situation. And with the help of the free internet in the clinic, the victims could communicate with their relatives without any problems.

The very next day, in the late afternoon, most of the tourists were discharged from the clinic and, under supervision, were sent to Minsk, buying each a train ticket to Moscow on January 5. Many tourists recovered from the stress so quickly that they even wanted to continue their journey. By the way, his program included visits to Vitebsk, Mir, Nesvizh and Minsk. It seems that after some time, tourists who have fallen into a road mess will have the opportunity to take an excursion along this route.

Vitebsk doctors prepared patients in serious condition with spinal injuries for transportation by intensive care vehicles to clinics in Russia. And the driver, a resident of the Minsk region, was left for treatment in Vitebsk. The doctors of the regional hospital were assisted by specialists from all clinics in Vitebsk, Vitebsk Medical University, two teams of consultants from Minsk. Telemedicine consultations were also organized with specialists from the All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine and the National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko.

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