Russians in some regions were warned of dangerous weather: Society: Russia:

Scientific Director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand warned Russians in some regions of dangerous weather in the coming days. His words convey TASS

According to the forecaster, difficult weather is expected in the south of Russia on January 13-15. “There will be a drop in temperature such that in Crimea, in the central regions the temperature is predicted below minus 10 degrees at night, “he explained. V Krasnodar Territory snow, sleet, rain and wind up to 20-22 meters per second are predicted, and avalanches will be dangerous in the republics of the North Caucasus.

In addition, due to the approaching cyclone, bad weather is expected in the Northwestern Federal District. V Murmansk region wind is predicted up to 28 meters per second, in Leningrad region – heavy snow, in Karelia – snow and blizzard. A similar situation in Komi, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Arkhangelsk region… In addition, on January 14, heavy snow, blizzard, snow drifts on the roads and ice cover are expected in the Moscow and Ivanovo regions.

Formerly Wilfand warnedthat at the end of the working week, Russians expect a sharp jump in temperature by 20 degrees and a decrease in atmospheric pressure by 25-30 millimeters of mercury. At the moment, an anticyclone stretches across all the temperate latitudes of Eurasia, therefore, over the center of European Russia there is a well-defined area of ​​high pressure.

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