Ryazan deputy urged to shoot buyers of vaccination certificates – RBK

The chairman of the Ryazan Regional Duma, a deputy from United Russia, Vladimir Sidorov, said during the meeting that those people who buy and sell certificates of vaccination against coronavirus should be shot. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda Ryazan” with reference to the post of the head of the Communist Party faction in the region Denis Sidorov in the social network “VKontakte”.


“In general, for this [покупку сертификатов о прививке от COVID-19] must be shot. I would think … I would have taken part in the executions myself. Be sure to do this! You and I have no other choice, ”said Vladimir Sidorov and noted that he himself would have taken part in the executions.

As the deputy explained, his emotional speech was due to the fact that his wife died of coronavirus, writes portal RZN. info. He said that he himself had been sick with COVID-19 for a month. However, he did not refuse a tough position in relation to those who violate the “antiquated legislation”.

The Ministry of Health proposed to fine for advertisements for the sale of fake certificates

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC

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