RyazGMU Rector Roman Kalinin: “Health care will “move”, only

RyazGMU Rector Roman Kalinin: “Health care will “move” only if all related industries develop as well”

According to the rector of the Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician Pavlov Roman Kalinin, which he voiced on September 21, on the day inauguration of Pavel Malkovunder the leadership of the new governor, the region will have to implement a very large-scale and ambitious program.

“Its success depends on how we are all involved in the implementation of this program,” Roman Evgenievich emphasized. — Healthcare is one of the most important topics, but it cannot be considered separately from the entire program. Health care will “move” only if all related industries and areas develop as well. These are roads, and education, and agriculture.”

In the healthcare sector, according to Roman Kalinin, it is necessary to pay special attention to the development of a personnel program.

“It is needed, and not only for individual industries, but also for an overall comprehensive strategy for staffing. So that each medical institution knows its personnel prospects for several years to come. And so that we, in turn, could plan our personnel policy: targeted recruitment, professional retraining, and so on. I am aware that we bear a huge responsibility: if we teach poorly, then the treatment is not very good,” said Roman Kalinin.

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