Samsung Delays Exynos 2200 Announcement Amid Rumors Over Technical Issues

While the launch of the long-awaited Exynos 2200, the first mobile SOC with integrated AMD Radeon, it was scheduled for yesterday, Samsung delayed its announcement until February 8, the day on which the next Samsung Unpacked will be held where the new Galaxy S22 will be presented.

Interestingly, the brand did not provide any kind of statements yesterday, but simply deleted all reference to the announcement, including the original tweet with the advance of the event. Given this, Business Korea spoke with company representatives, who provided the following statements:

We are planning to introduce the new processor when launching a new Samsung smartphone. There is no problem with its production or performance.

This last clarification was made after various rumors came to light that mentioned that Samsung could not reach the target frequency of 1.9GHz for the integrated graphics of the processor, and that for now it is limited in 1.3GHz, which obviously significantly reduces its performance. performance. Some mention that this is due to design issues preventing the 1.3GHz frequency from being exceeded, while other leakers like Ice universe indicate that it is because it overheats too much at the target frequency of 1.9GHz, and therefore its frequency should have been lowered to 1.3GHz. Apparently the idea is to hit at least 1.45GHz to get a decent performance against the competition, although it has not yet been achieved.

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening with the Exynos 2200, and if it ends up delivering the performance that Samsung advanced, or ends up being just another processor from the bunch. Its success will define whether or not AMD continues to enter the mobile market, so we hope it will do well to have more competition, which always results in greater benefit for users.

What do you think about the delay in the announcement of the Exynos 2200? Eager to see how your RDNA2 integrated GPU would perform?

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