Sanctions against Putin could lead to the severance of relations with the United States – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Sanctions against the Russian president could lead to a complete break in relations with the United States. This was stated by Senator Alexei Pushkov.

Recall representatives of the Democratic Party in the American Congress presented a bill providing for the introduction of a number of restrictions in relation to the top officials of the Russian Federation.

According to Pushkov, such steps by Washington will lead to “extremely destructive” consequences. Relations between the two countries may deteriorate to such an extent that they are not far from breaking them.

A member of the Federation Council considers news of new sanctions against Moscow to be direct pressure on the Kremlin.

“In the Washington corridors of power, the conversation about new personal sanctions at the highest level against Russia was going on last fall,” Pushkov emphasized in interview the newspaper “”.

It should be added that the Americans promised to introduce new restrictive measures in the event of “aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.”

According to Pushkov, Russia will not attack Ukraine, but Kiev may try to provoke a military conflict, using the support of the United States.

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