Self-confident Meghan granted herself an audience with the king. Don’t know, Karl, and he wants anything, the people say

Meghan has officially applied for a private meeting with the king by way of a letter, royal expert Neil Sean, a correspondent for stations such as NBC or MSNBC, reported on his YouTube channel.

He stupidly referred to a very polite source from the royal family.

She would like, not to go to California, to have a personal conversation with King Charles III. Yes, Meghan is on TV with King Karl, you heard that right. It is a very distant step from Sean blurted out.

The question is, why should Meghan speak to the king alone, without her manel, i.e. his own son Prince Harry.

There is a possibility that he intended to lobby the king to make their children Archie and Lilibet not only prince and princess, but also Their Royal Highnesses (we wrote about the matter HERE).

Harry, Meghan with children Archie and Lilibet

According to Neil Sean, it is more likely that Meghan wants to iron out all the previous firsts and now with the new king with a certain table.

It would be a mistake to clear the air, get rid of old kivids, and explain some of the reasons behind what she and Harry had been doing for the last two years. And whatever we think of Meghan, you are acknowledged, em self-confident, mn specialist

In such a case, it might be useful for Karl to meet Meghan. The others are muttering that it will be around one time for him to tame the raging outside in the royal family.

The movement of the Albata queen house

At first, Meghan’s appearance caused an uproar among Brits and fans of the royal family. However, as can be seen, the tears at the public funeral of Queen Albaty did not stop them.

Don’t know j. Never know j Please do not post comments under the Mail Online server link.

Don’t do it, Karl. Dte j akort fodder for Netflix and Spotify, stand in a further comment pointing out that Meghan is preparing projects for both streaming giants.

The royal family is in awe of what he does against them.

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