September 22 is Bulgaria’s Independence Day

Every year, on September 22, the country celebrates the Independence Day of Bulgaria – a national holiday.

Traditionally, since 1908, on September 22, Bulgarians celebrate a national holiday – the Independence Day of Bulgaria. True, the official non-working day, September 22, was only September 10, 1998.
On this day, the deputies of parliament adopted the relevant law, which changed the status of September 22 – defining it as a national holiday and a day off.

If we turn to historical facts, then on September 22, 1908, the Bulgarian kingdom became an independent state and came out of subordination to the Ottoman Empire.
The declaration of independence is a political act that was adopted during the reign of the government, under the leadership of Alexander Malinov.
This step broke the country’s dependence on the Ottoman Empire, which the country inherited after the signing of the Berlin Treaty in 1878, immediately after the end of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878.

On September 22, 1908, the head of the Bulgarian Principality, the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand, in the Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs in the old capital of the country – Veliko Tarnovo, read out the Manifesto On the Independence of Bulgaria.
After that, the Bulgarian principality became known as the Bulgarian kingdom, and the Bulgarian prince Ferdinand suddenly became the Bulgarian king Ferdinand I.

However, the independence of the Bulgarian state – Turkey, and later the Great Powers of the Old World was recognized later, in the spring of 1909.
Only after that Bulgaria established itself in the World as a sovereign state and became a full participant in interstate legal relations.

We note that, as a rule, official events to celebrate the Independence Day of Bulgaria are held at the monument to the Independence of Bulgaria in Veliko Tarnovo.
Here, in the morning, the Manifesto “On the Independence of Bulgaria” is solemnly read out.
In the evening, in the Tsarevets fortress, there is an open-air light show – “Sound and Light”.

By the way, the weather this year is partly favorable and will allow the citizens of the country to celebrate a national holiday.

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