Sergei Furgal faces new charges – RBK

The former governor is accused of seven counts of large-scale fraud, abuse of power and the creation of an organized criminal group. In July, a number of charges were already brought against the case of the creation of a criminal group based on the Torex Group of Companies.

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, was presented with new charges, including under articles on organizing a criminal community and fraud, his lawyer Mikhail Karapetyan told RBC.

“He is accused of organizing a criminal community, abuse of power, and there are several episodes of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud – RBK.). He does not admit himself guilty, he denies his involvement in what happened. I can’t tell you the details, as I am bound by a nondisclosure agreement, ”he said.

Another defender of Furgal, Dmitry Dovgy, clarified in a conversation with “RIA News”, in terms of fraud, we are talking about seven episodes of a crime committed on an especially large scale. Also, according to him, the investigation believes that the fraud was committed in the field of lending.

The media learned about the appearance of Furgal in the case of the creation of a criminal community

Sergey Furgal

The fact that Furgal appears in the criminal case on the creation of an organized criminal community, became known in July. Then “Kommersant” wrote that according to the investigation, the criminal group included businessmen and officials associated with the Torex group of companies, and the organized crime group was headed by Deputy Governor Yuri Zlochevsky and lawyer Nikolai Shukhov. According to the investigation, the members of the group, among other things, were engaged in forging documents, according to which they could receive obviously bad loans.

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