Ship students recreated three paintings

Ship students recreated three paintings

Students of the structural unit of the city of Korablino Ryazhsky College named after the Hero of the Soviet Union A.M. Serebryakova took part in the flash mob of the All-Russian competition dedicated to the Day of Secondary Vocational Education.

Having chosen the nomination “To be able to learn”, they recreated three films about studying: Harold Copping’s “Loss student”, Ilya Khegai’s “Student”, and Nikolai Sysoev’s “In the Mechanical School of Power Engineers”.

Tatyana Gasanova, head of the department for educational work:

“The task was to recreate pictures about study, the educational process. We have chosen them based on their capabilities. The flash mob was mainly attended by 1st and 3rd year students – future hairdressers and car mechanics. The reading student was “played” by Danila Savostin, the loser was played by Sergey Lukyanov, both of them are future chefs. The kids had a lot of fun getting ready. For them, this is history. They pulled out ammeters, voltmeters, other tools and devices from the workshops, which were used to teach future electricians – this is for the painting “In the Mechanical School of Power Engineers” by Nikolai Sysoev. Picked out the right clothes. We managed to bring our “pictures” as close as possible to the originals.”

Stanislav Shirokov, 3rd year student:

“Interesting idea. I liked it very much. For me, it was an immersion in history. I learned, for example, in which laboratories they had internships before. Looked, by the way, the work of other participants in the flash mob. I liked one of the recreated paintings – based on Ilya Repin’s Barge Haulers. Only instead of a barge, the guys are pulling a tractor. It’s funny. It’s a pity there wasn’t enough time, otherwise we would have recreated some more pictures. ”

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