Shopping centers are booming again after covid, May was a record for them this year

The year 2019 was marked by Zlatch as for shopping centers, which held its position for a very long time and performed an unmistakable distribution and socialization function, according to the chairman of the Association of Shopping Centers, Jan Kubek.

This changed during the Covid-19 era, when centers saw a 70 percent drop in demand. The government reduced their operations and consumer behavior began to change. When people wore their hands, they limited themselves only to necessities, but the moment the mandatory face covering was abolished, we saw an immediate increase again, comments Kubek. Note that the index does not include the data of the main supermarket of the shopping center, which may vary slightly.

The summer of May was a record year for shopping centers, when sales increased by twenty percent compared to the pre-covid year of 2019. The routes are at their pre-pandemic level, although the frequency of flights is not so high. The deferred consumption factor plays a role here, people are hungry for brick-and-mortar stores, and the goods they have at home will no longer be available, explains Kubek.

How the index was created

The association is based on the data sent by individual businessmen, PwC will anonymize it, and the association will then analyze it according to me.

The aim of the index is to compare the sector, show trends and monitor how the sector developed in individual time periods.

The positive trend is also confirmed by early August data, which show a jump of about 14.6 percent. The index works with nominal interest rates, so inflation is not included in them. Despite the dreams, the value of money was a record for the centers in April and May. That was the moment of the first collapse of online shopping.

Internet shopping bag Kubek sees positive. We do not see e-commerce as competition, on the contrary, we support businesses in their basics. I think it will lead to better relations with the customer, we will learn more about him, added.

Online purchases have their limits

Online shopping, which has flourished during the pandemic, has its limits. According to Kubik, although they show a certain growth trend, they cannot completely replace physical purchases. Both segments have learned TV symbiosis, which can be seen on the distribution boxes, which are often located in the centers, added.

The analysis of the association thus follows the change of the order. Currently going to the member’s store. In what he wants, he has it wrong, and there are therefore very few spontaneous shoppers. The customer prefers large stores, where there is a large chance of buying at a discount.

So far, we do not see a repeat of the high-quality people we observed at the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Association of Shopping Centers. The customer is pragmatic and knows how much money he has to spend in order to make a profit.

Nejvt risk vid Kubek in energy prices. The Association of Shopping Centers strives for one main for small and medium-sized businesses. If the government’s actions catch up, we know that the consequences will not be as drastic as during the pandemic, according to Kubek. Association neoekv pm pspvky od stu, in that the way should be found in the ceiling price of electricity.

The people are ready, we are not entering the energy crisis exhausted. The situation is not as dire as in 2008, and we could sail through without those codes, he estimates.

An enormous boom in shopping centers occurred in 2000. Now almost every regional city has two such centers, but the construction is not being completed. Investments are allowed to innovate current department stores, improve the quality of the interior and offer.

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