Skopinsky regional library will be repaired under the national project “Culture” –

Skopinsky regional library will be renovated under the national project “Culture”

The Skopinsky regional library participated in the federal project “Cultural Environment” of the national project “Culture” to create model municipal libraries. This year, only 30 institutions from the Ryazan region participated in the project, and only a few were to be selected.

Director of the MUK “CBS Skopinsky municipal district” Natalya Ovinnikova said:

“We want to put in order not only the appearance of the building, but also decorate the library space. After all, the building in which the library is located was overhauled in the 60s of the last century. It is necessary to change the windows, make the entrance and the space of the library accessible to all categories of citizens, including those with disabilities. To join the program, we prepared the relevant documents, estimates, and sent them to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. And a few days ago we received confirmation that the department positively assessed our plans and will provide support.”

Alexander Bokov, head of the Skopinsky district administration:

“We want to turn the library into a kind of intellectual educational center with a unique atmosphere. Next year we will create not just a place where books are stored and read. And a special space with an art hall, transforming halls, a media center and much, much more.”

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