“Smart” pedestrian crossings were built in Pitelin

“Smart” pedestrian crossings were built in Pitelin

On September 21 and 22, equipment for “smart” pedestrian crossings was installed on the central streets of the district center.

Nikolai Folomeev, Head of Fractal Company LLC:

“Our organization is engaged in work on equipping unregulated pedestrian crossings with elements that increase road safety near socially significant facilities. In Pitelin, this is a children’s music school on Sovetskaya Square, near house number 10. And the House of Children’s Art at the crossroads of Krasnaya and Shkolnaya streets.

On September 22, we completed the installation of road signs. At each crossing, they installed 20 of them. These are duplicate signs and light signs, as well as traffic lights on L-shaped supports. Autonomous reflectors were installed in the roadbed near pedestrian crossings. Road markings were applied with cold plastic with reflective elements.
Specialists of the production site of the Pitelinsky branch of the Sasovsky GRES of JSC ROEK have installed a special power line to the pedestrian crossing.

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