Sochi warned of a sharp cold snap – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In the next day in Sochi, will get colder, according to the press service of the mayor’s office.

According to forecasters, from 18:00 on January 12 to 18:00 on January 13, a complex of unfavorable weather phenomena is expected in Sochi – a significant decrease in temperature, an increase in the east, southeast wind with a transition to the west, north-west.

“In some places, wind gusts can reach 14-19 m / s,” the message says. – From 13 to 16 January, the resort is expected to actively drop the air temperature on the coast to near-zero and negative levels. In the Lazarevsky district, the temperature will drop to -5 degrees Celsius.

At night on the Black Sea coast in some places it will rain heavily, in the morning in some areas turning into sleet. Snow and reduced visibility are expected in the mountainous area. Wet snow adhesion in places. Ice may be on the roads.

All city operational and road services have been transferred to an enhanced mode of operation. It is recommended to refrain from going to the mountains, as well as not to go there in cars that are not equipped with winter tires, not to leave cars under trees and advertising structures.

In case of emergency, call from mobile phones to the number 010 and 112

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