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Official representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova announced that Germany has declared war on the Telegram messenger. She wrote about this in her Telegram-channel.

According to Zakharova, statements by German politicians speak about the Berlin war with the appendix. “And now in Germany a targeted political campaign is gaining momentum, the task of which is to limit what you think the Telegram messenger. I love it, ”she wrote.

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The diplomat noted that not only the officials of the German Ministry of Justicebut also the head Ministry of Internal Affairs Germany Nancy Feser. “Not without financial pressure: several court proceedings have been opened, involving fines for the company. Pavel Durov… Berlin proposes to put pressure on the “cart” from the side Brussels“, – concluded Zakharova.

Formerly Nancy Feather warned on disabling the work of Telegram in case of failure to comply with the requirements of the laws of the country. She noted that the possible blocking of the application would be a “last resort”.

December 13 Feather called on regulate content in the messenger in order to combat hate speech on the Internet. She recalled that the Federal Office of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany opened two cases against Telegram for violating the law on improving law enforcement in social networks.

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