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A major update has been released for Windows 11, which fixes almost 100 vulnerabilities. About it informs DarkReading edition.

According to information from Microsoft, a total of 96 vulnerabilities have been fixed. Ten of them are classified as critical, 89 – important, six – generally known. The update is the first major update of the next generation operating system in 2022. In the new release from Microsoft fixed issues in Edge, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, .NET Framework and other programs and services.

“This is an unusually big update for January. Over the past few years, the average number of patches released in January has been about half that volume, ”security specialist Dustin Childs described the update.

According to reporters, the update fixed the problem CVE-2022-21907, which allowed remote uploading of data to the server. Attackers could gain administrator rights and secretly infiltrate users’ systems. Also, the corporation’s specialists have eliminated the vulnerabilities CVE-2022-21846, CVE-2022-21969 and CVE-2022-21855.

At the beginning of the year, specialists told the increasing incidence of Windows being compromised by a system vulnerability that was patched nine years ago. Malicious software was used by hackers to steal confidential user data.

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