Space lightning was noticed in the sky over the Russian region: Nature: My country:

In the sky over the Tunkinskaya valley in Buryatia noticed a rare phenomenon – sprites, or the so-called space lightning. It is reported by Interfax

The natural phenomenon was registered by the SKYLINE meteor installation of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University (ISU) during a powerful thunderstorm that covered the Russian region in June. Later, the specialists who processed the data received from it found multiple sprites in one of the images, which are extremely rare.

“Sprites appear during thunderstorms over an area much lower, in the troposphere, where strong lightning is generated. It is extremely difficult to see and register sprites – these complex flashes last only about one hundredth of a second, ”explained the director of the observatory. Sergey Yazev

According to him, in the future, the scientists of the laboratory plan to analyze the data obtained together with colleagues from the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Siberian Branch. RAS (ISTP SB RAS).

Scientists first managed to accidentally capture sprites in 1989. However, very little is still known about their physical nature.

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