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In the middle of December last year Airbus and One Web signed a partnership agreement for the provision of satellite communications services in low Earth orbit for the benefit of the military in Europe, writes Space24. In the future, this will make it possible to monitor the movements of Russian military and equipment, helping to direct strike drones at targets.

It is expected that OneWeb high-speed Internet access satellites, launched into orbit by Russian Soyuz-2 medium rockets, will be used, in particular, to provide “transmission of real-time video streams from sensors installed, for example, on unmanned aerial vehicles.”

As a provider of military satellite communications services, Airbus is now set to leverage the power of the OneWeb satellite constellation to provide new and enhanced telecommunications services to British and selected European militaries and services.

It is noted that the use of OneWeb and ground stations along with existing spacecraft will allow military users to switch between satellite communications in low Earth orbit and geostationary orbit, taking advantage of a flexible and functional network.

Space24 recalls that British OneWeb satellites are mass-produced at the Airbus plant in the United States.

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In December 2021 Defense News reported, what Ministry of Defense The United States wanted to directly connect commercial satellites that provide images of the Earth’s surface to its future orbital networks, which would allow soldiers in the field to access relevant data more quickly.

In October 2018, a representative FSB Vladimir Sadovnikov told about the need to restrict access to the OneWeb high-speed satellite Internet project for security reasons.

June 2015 by Arianespace and OneWeb announced on the conclusion of a contract for the launch of OneWeb mobile satellite communications spacecraft, for which Arianespace will buy 21 Soyuz-2 launch vehicles from Russia. V “Roskosmos” then they said that the conclusion of the contract ensured “for several years ahead, the full load of a number of domestic enterprises of the rocket and space industry”, in particular, rocket and space center “Progress”that produces Soyuz-2 rockets.

From February 2019 to December 2021, during 12 launches, Russian Soyuz-2 rockets launched 394 OneWeb spacecraft into low-Earth orbit. In 2022, seven launches of this carrier are planned with British satellites.

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