Spas-Klepiki hosted competitions in fire-applied sports,

Spas-Klepiki hosted competitions in fire-applied sports dedicated to Pavel Polgin

On September 21, at the Spartak stadium in Spas-Klepiki, students from nine schools traditionally showed their dexterity and skills in regional competitions in certain types of fire-applied sports. The competition is dedicated to Pavel Polgin, the former chairman of the Klepikovskiy VDPO, who died untimely. As honored guests of the competitions noted, Klepikovka athletes have adequately represented the district in the region for the last three years.

“The profession of a firefighter is very important and necessary. This was shown last summer, when large forest fires raged in the region and in our district. Therefore, those guys who choose this profession will be able to help other people who are in danger,” said Elena Politova, head of the sector of physical culture and sports of the district administration.

This year the competition started with the combat deployment of a hose from a fire truck. School teams laid one main and two working hose lines. The teachers supported their pupils and encouraged them. However, not everyone was able to do everything quickly and deftly. Some students lost their sleeve while running or were too slow at the start, which wasted precious seconds. In 11.84 seconds, the team of the Tumskaya school No. 46 completed this task, becoming the first. Less than a second behind them were teams from Klepikovskaya No. 1 and Tumskaya School No. 3.

Schoolchildren also competed in hurdling and in putting on combat clothes. The winners were awarded with certificates, medals and cups. This year, according to the results of the competition, the third place was taken by the Tumskaya school No. 3. The second place was taken by the team of the Klepikovo school No. 1. The first place was awarded to the students of the Tumskaya school No. 46.

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