Splinter Cell’s fictional story about the Georgian wolf will be reworked in the remake

The Splinter Cell character has millions of fans, but Ubisoft publishers basically killed it when the last part Blacklist published by Bezmla ten years ago. This development and impact are aligned with the series (see n retro line) this does not fit into the new concept of Ubisoft, which is trying to create a huge open world, where every gamer can have fun according to his taste.

The only thing that will be one hundred percent in the remake is Sam Fisher and his iconic night vision.

In the end, the return of the elite agent Sam Fisher and his Third Echelon unit is just around the corner. However, it will not be in a new work, but in a complete remake of the first one from 2002. The release date is not in sight, it is very clear that it will not be just a transfer of the game to new graphics, as you were recently shown by the great The Last of Us (nae review), but a relatively loose adaptation that will modernize the entire game.

And that includes pbhu, which is at Ubisoft in the words of the ad write and update for a modern audience. I want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while also exploring the characters and world in a way that makes them authentic and endearing.

Who cares, if it is only a matter of having an interview with the emissary first, or will it be involved in the scene itself, which in a politically tense time of the day could evoke a lot of unwanted associations. The original game takes place in the country of Georgia, where the main party with the magical name of Kombayn Nicholadze gets into the country through a scientific method and then unleashes ethnic riots in neighboring Serbia. That’s why the elite pion Sam Fisher is sent to the city, supported by a team of technological experts and his horse to prevent the escalation of the conflict.

Ubisoft has repeatedly let itself be heard that it does not make political games. But Splinter Cell is a pioneering thriller with a political undertone.

In general, the plot inspired by the work of the American writer Tom Clancy is pure fiction, it contains a lot of potential dark themes.

The Russians, the Russians, NATO and German units of military specialists are involved in the conflict, because people today would certainly criticize the way the United States so easily meddles in the internal affairs of Eastern European countries. In 2008, the government of Georgia fought with Russia for a significant piece of land in South Ossetia.

Ubisoft has avoided such darkness like ert ki, and has even let it be heard that politics is not really good at business. And the creators deny it as much as they want, Far Cry 6 is obviously a parallel to the political situation in Cuba, and Watch Dog Legion, in turn, is a cover of transnational corporations. New screenwriter every day ek tk kol

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