“Am I the champion of Russia? It’s still the fourth, so the unpleasant aftertaste remains, ”says Karim Khalili – Biathlon

Biathlete Karim Khalili praised his performance at the Russian Open Championship, where he took fourth place in the pursuit.

As a result of the race, Khalili won the title of champion of Russia, as the entire podium was occupied by athletes from Belarus today.

“I first left the shooting, looked who was in front and decided not to rush right away. I knew that if I turn on the last part, then few people will be able to compete with me. I waited until everyone calmed down and turned sour, and at the last part I turned on.

I had two iron options – either take second position in front of the target, or go out first, slow down at the turn and turn on at the finish line.

Result? Probably, with two misses, it’s not bad. Am I the champion of Russia? It’s still like the fourth, so an unpleasant aftertaste remains,” Khalili said on the air of Match TV.

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