“It was not clear to me when the SBR refused to go to the World Cup. Who cares? Are you humiliated? You still sit in the offices, ”says Daniil Serokhvostov – Biathlon

Russian biathlete Daniil Serokhvostov spoke about his reaction to the refusal of the leadership of the national team to play at the World Cup in a neutral status.

On February 26, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced that the Russians will compete at the World Cup and IBU Cup stages in a neutral status. It was assumed that athletes would not be able to receive points in the offsets of the Cup of Nations and relay races. Thereafter Union biathletes of Russia (SBR) announced his refusal to participate in the remaining stages of the World Cup and the IBU Cup.

On March 2, the IBU completely suspended Russian athletes from participating in international competitions.

– How did you find out that the international season for the whole team ended ahead of schedule?

– First I saw it on the Internet. After 10 minutes, they wrote to the group why we would not go. I was upset that the season was over and there were few biathlon starts left – Ufa and Tyumen. I would like to run more, but I’m glad that we can basically run. There are also ski marathons where we will go after Tyumen. So I’m not so upset.

– Are you mentally ready to go to Russian competitions next season?

– Of course, I would not want us to be locked up in the country next season and we would run Cup of Russia. Because the Russian Cup is not a very developed competition. There is no purpose here. The World Cup has a Crystal Globe. Everyone is fighting for him, for points.

And the Crystal Globe of the Russian Cup is not particularly appreciated, because when it is held, Team A and Team B compete in the World Cup and the IBU Cup. It turns out that not the strongest biathletes run here. I saw that there are 20-30 people starting here. When I ran in juniors, we had 90 people each, in young men – in general, for a hundred. In men – 30 people! This is very bad.

If we are closed next year, I don’t think there will be much more. In Ufa, 68 people fled with Belarusians. It’s not enough at all. You may not even run, but you will get into the pursuit.

If the SBR or the Ministry of Sports do not change anything with the Cup of Russia, then hardly anyone will run. Everyone will just start getting ready. [главным внутренним стартам]: “Izhevsk rifle”, Ufa and the main championship of Russia. More, it seems to me, few people will run in the Cups of Russia.

– Did any of the foreigners write to you after the suspension?

– Yes, we corresponded when we were completely closed. Not when the SBR refused to go. By the way, this was not clear to me. At first we were allowed to go. But we ourselves refused – that without a flag, without an anthem, that we do not want to be humiliated.

Who cares? Are you humiliated? You still sit in offices, and we run. What do we have these five races left in the season? Let’s run. So it was strange for me that we refused.

I talked with foreigners. They wrote – we understand why this is so, we do not hold a grudge against you, we are waiting for you to arrive, – said Serokhvostov.

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