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The issue of depriving a deputy of immunity caused a heated discussion among parliamentarians. Rashkin’s colleague in the faction, Georgy Kamnev, called the preventive measure proposed for him – the prohibition of certain actions – too harsh and suggested replacing it with a softer punishment.

Spravedlivoross MP Oleg Nilov predicted the emergence of a “Rashkin list”, which may include other parliamentarians previously accused of poaching, but not punished. In turn, the head of the Just Russia – For the Truth faction, Sergei Mironov, in his telegram channel, proposed to abolish the institution of immunity for deputies of all levels altogether.

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At the end of October, in the Lysogorsk district of the Saratov region, the police detained Rashkina with a moose carcass in the trunk of a car. In addition, an ax and two knives with traces of blood were found in the car. Since then, Rashkin has been a suspect in an illegal hunting case, investigated the central office of the Investigative Committee. Under the article on illegal hunting, a punishment of imprisonment for up to two years may threaten.

Later MP confessed in killing a moose, although he previously claimed to have found the carcass of an animal. He considers himself a victim of coincidence, which he stated in his address. “I was misled by the information about the availability of legal and formalized documents for the hunt,” Rashkin explained. “As a result, people unknown to me took advantage of this and, apparently, participated in a provocation against me.”

General Prosecutor’s Office requested the State Duma has agreed to conduct investigative actions with Rashkin. Also, the department intends to achieve the election of a preventive measure against the parliamentarian, related to the prohibition of certain actions. The damage from the actions of the deputy in the Prosecutor General’s Office was estimated at 80 thousand rubles.


After that, remove immunity from the communist deputy recommended State Duma commission on mandate issues. In turn, the first deputy head of the Communist Party faction in the Duma, Nikolai Kolomeitsev, told RBC that the faction would be against the lifting of immunity from Rashkin, and called what was happening an act of intimidation of the communists.

In the summer and autumn, the Moscow branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation headed by Rashkin organized protests against compulsory coronavirus vaccination. After the elections to the State Duma, several actions took place, at which the communists demanded a revision of the voting results due to disagreement with the data of electronic voting.

Deprivation of immunity is not uncommon for deputies, much less often they are deprived of their mandates. Before Rashkin, due to charges of various crimes, 11 deputies were deprived of immunity, in particular, Ilya Ponomarev, Alexey Mitrofanov, Nikolai Parshin, Oleg Mikheev and others. At the same time, at least ten times since 1994, the State Duma has refused to lift immunity.

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