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Last year, despite unfavorable weather conditions, more grain was harvested in the region than in 2020. The production of oilseeds has increased: more than 175 thousand tons of oilseeds have been obtained – this is a record figure for the region. Agricultural enterprises have increased their potato production by 13 thousand tons – up to 100 thousand, which will allow them to hold out on their stocks until the next harvest. In November-December, positive dynamics were noted in poultry and pig breeding: the livestock and productivity grew, and this is the groundwork for the new year.

The significant growth in the regional Ministry of Agriculture is associated with significant state support for the agricultural sector – in 2021 it amounted to 2.826 billion rubles, which is 120 million more than a year earlier. In the form of long-term concessional loans, the agrarians received 3 billion rubles, and also took 19 billion as short-term concessional loans. But next season should become “more productive” from a financial point of view. In particular, budget expenditures for the construction of new agricultural facilities will double – up to 200 million rubles, the subsidy for the purchase of mineral fertilizers will increase and significantly, up to 314 million, – the regional subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment.

In 2020, small agricultural enterprises produced 39 percent of all products, so they will remain among the recipients of support measures

According to the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the South Urals, Alexander Zavalishchina, in 2020 small agricultural enterprises produced 39 percent of all products, including 57 percent of grain and leguminous crops, so they will definitely remain among the recipients of support measures. Subsidies and targeted grants, for example, are designed for novice farmers and family farms, and the program “Acceleration of SMEs” will also focus on this category. In 2021, 20 farmers received grants for 55 million rubles under the Agrostartup program, and seven cooperatives received subsidies for 10 million. Starting this year, a new type of support will appear for SMEs – grants under the Agrotourism program.

One of the priority directions of the current agricultural season, the curators of the agro-industrial complex note, will be the cultivation of potatoes and vegetables in open ground. The sown area for these crops will increase, and direct subsidies will grow by 13.7 million, amounting to 41 million rubles. Plus, when paying subsidies for the purchase of fertilizers, it is planned to set an increasing rate for enterprises producing potatoes and vegetables. The “capex” program (capex – compensation of a part of direct costs incurred) will help agricultural producers to build modern high-tech storage facilities with state support. In addition, the regional ministry appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation so that the cultivation of ware potatoes was considered a priority direction with incentive subsidies, which would provide additional funding for specialized farms.

From 2022, a new state program for the effective involvement of agricultural land in the turnover and the development of a reclamation complex begins to operate. The Chelyabinsk region has allocated 74 million rubles for its implementation. In the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, projects of several farms have passed a preliminary selection: one of them is ready to engage in hydro reclamation, the other – in soil liming, and more than 15 enterprises expect to bring new lands into circulation.

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