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Storm wind with rain and snow covered the southern regions of the country on January 14-15, bringing numerous destructions: tree branches and elements of stationary structures are falling, power supply is interrupted in places. Power engineers have switched to a special mode of operation and are taking all measures to restore power supply to consumers as soon as possible.

Since January 14, restoration work has been carried out continuously, even at night. In the Rostov region, the main power supply disruptions occurred in the Zernogradsky, Dubovsky, Zimovnikovsky, Yegorlyksky, Volgodonsky and Peschanokopsky districts. Here, 113 teams of 367 people are working. 129 units of equipment are used. 5 reserve power supply sources with a total capacity of 500 kW are involved.

On the territory of the Volgograd region, local power supply disruptions are predominantly in the northern districts: Alekseevsky, Danilovsky, Zhirnovsky, Kikvidzensky, Kotovsky, Nekhaevsky, Olkhovsky, Uryupinsky, Novoanninsky, Novonikolaevsky, as well as in the r.p. Settlement, Peskovatka and on about. Sarpinsky. 34 brigades, 96 people, 68 units of special equipment are involved in emergency recovery activities and inspection of damaged areas. Power engineers work around the clock. The work is complicated by large snowdrifts and continuing storm winds, sometimes reaching 30 m/s.

In the Astrakhan region, the main damage occurred in the Volga, Narimanov, Ikryaninsky, Krasnoyarsk regions. 24 teams of 76 people worked all night. 24 pieces of equipment are used. Particular attention is paid to the inhabitants of the village of Osypnoy Bugra, Funtovo. There are a large number of ownerless networks and networks of third-party organizations. Damage to them entails a chain of technological violations.

Kalmyk power engineers eliminate local power supply disturbances in the Sarpinsky, Tselinny, Ketchenerovsky districts of Kalmykia and the city of Elista, where breaks, wire lashes and insulator failures occurred. Part of the damage in the North-Western region of Elista occurred on lines that were not on the balance sheet of the Kalmyk branch of the company. Repair teams consisting of 33 teams, 68 people and 34 units of special equipment work around the clock.

Power supply in a number of settlements has been restored, but gale-force winds and heavy rainfall, which continue in the regions to this day, are causing new disruptions. Work does not stop.

Dispatch services of the branches interact with representatives of local administrations to promptly respond and inform consumers about the progress of restoration work. You can report power outages by calling Rosseti’s single round-the-clock free phone number 8-800-220-0-220.

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