Tatarstan will start issuing a QR code to those who received the first component of the vaccine – RBK

In the region, from November 26, the QR code on vaccination against coronavirus will also be able to receive those with a medical record from vaccination and vaccinated military personnel.

Kazan, & nbsp; Tatarstan

Kazan, Tatarstan

(Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti)

In Tatarstan, from November 26, they will start issuing a QR code of a regional sample on vaccination against coronavirus infection to citizens who have received the first component of the vaccine. The corresponding decree of the regional government posted on the official portal of legal information of the Republic.

According to the document, the one who received the first dose of the vaccine will be able to issue a digital certificate, which will be valid for 24 days. It will be possible to travel with it in public transport, but such a QR code won’t allow visit, for example, shopping centers or catering.

Tatarstan reported a 30% decrease in passenger traffic due to QR codes

Photo: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

In addition, a regional QR code can be obtained by persons with medical contraindications for vaccination, as well as military personnel vaccinated against COVID-19.

In Tatarstan since November 22 began to act a ban on travel in city, suburban, intermunicipal public transport without QR codes about vaccination or medical evacuation. According to local law, fines for the lack of codes will reach RUB30,000.

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