APU hit a crossing in Kherson from HIMARS with cluster rockets: four people were killed. News of the day in the world and Russia today

The Ukrainian military began shelling the crossing in the Kherson region exactly at the moment when a column of local residents entered it.

According to an official of the government of the Kherson region, Sergei Eliseev, this crossing was used to move the civilian population to a safe zone.

He stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the crossing at night, when a column of civilians was moving along it.

A total of 11 missiles were fired from the HIMARS MLRS, equipped with a cluster charge.

The air defense forces of the Russian Armed Forces managed to destroy 10 of them, but one missile hit right on the crossing.

According to preliminary data, the shelling led to the death of four local residents, among whom was a journalist.

The director of the local TV channel believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately opened fire on the crossing, knowing that there could be journalists and civilians there.

Earlier, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said that the battle for Kherson would end in serious losses.

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