Gazprom has completely stopped the work of the Nord Stream. News of the day in the world and Russia today

Gazprom completely stopped the operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline until the malfunction of the only working engine was eliminated. This was announced on the company’s Telegram channel.

An oil leak was discovered at the Trent 60 gas compressor unit of the Portovaya compressor station during maintenance work carried out jointly with Siemens representatives.

Gazprom clarified that a warning had been received from Rostekhnadzor.

The department said that the damage does not allow safe operation of the gas turbine engine.

It is necessary to take appropriate measures and suspend the operation of the Trent 60 gas compressor unit in connection with the identified gross violations,”

announced PJSC “Gazprom”.

The company added that a letter about the identified faults and the need to eliminate them was sent to the president and chief executive officer of Siemens Energy AG, Christian Bruch.

Gazprom also reported that similar leaks were previously found on gas compressors with engines No. 075, No. 076 and No. 120. They underwent major repairs and are in a state of forced downtime.

It is also noted that complete troubleshooting, according to Siemens, is only possible at a specialized repair facility.

Gas supplies through the Nord Stream gas pipeline were completely stopped on August 31.

It was clarified that on these dates, scheduled work will begin at the gas compressor unit of the Portovaya CS.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that anti-Russian sanctions do not allow Gazprom to fully supply gas to Europe due to equipment maintenance problems.

According to him, this led to the creation of a crisis situation in the economy.

Alexei Grivach, Deputy General Director of the National Energy Security Fund (NESF), announced the consequences of a complete shutdown of Nord Stream.

He believes that this will lead to a further rise in prices and a deterioration in the energy security situation in Europe.

Siemens Energy said that Gazprom’s conclusion that the engine was malfunctioning is not a technical reason for the complete shutdown of the gas pipeline, its representatives said.

As a manufacturer of turbines, we can only state that such a conclusion is not a technical reason for the termination of operation. Such leaks usually do not affect the operation of the turbine and can be repaired on site.”

said Siemens Energy.

They added that this is a normal procedure that is part of the maintenance work, and in the past such leaks did not lead to a stop in production.

The company also clarified that there are enough additional turbines at the Portovaya compressor station to continue the operation of Nord Stream.

Siemens Energy indicated that they currently do not have a contract for repair work at Nord Stream, but the company is ready to start them.

The European Commission considered the decision not to resume the work of the Nord Stream due to malfunctions “cynicism”, said the head of the press service of the EC, Eric Mamer. He called Moscow an unreliable partner.

According to Mamer, the Russian side “prefers to burn gas in flares instead of fulfilling contractual obligations to the European Union.”

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