In the Kherson region, they expect the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future. News of the day in the world and Russia today

Deputy Acting Governor of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov said that an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) could begin in the near future.

Shelling of the city of Kherson is not ruled out, shelling of the right-bank part of the Kherson region is not excluded, ”-

Stremousov said in a video message posted on his Telegram channel.

He noted that the battle for Kherson would soon begin. The civilian population is advised to leave the area of ​​hostilities so as not to put themselves at risk.

On the eve of the Acting Governor of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo said that, for security reasons, an “organized transfer of the civilian population” of several municipalities to the left bank of the Dnieper had been announced in the region.

The commander of the grouping of forces in the zone of the special military operation, General of the Army Sergei Surovikin, noted that the NATO leadership demands offensive operations from Kyiv in the Kherson direction.

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