Kazakhstan delays Russian trucks with goods from the EU. News of the day in the world and Russia today

Russian trucks with goods from Europe began to be detained in Kazakhstan. The newspaper reports “News” with reference to the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP).

We are aware of eight cases of detention of road trains of Russian carriers. Some of them are located in the parking lots for violators, where each day of storage is expensive. Others are at customs terminals. Some road trains are right on the road,

said a representative of the association.

The ASMAP noted that the documents were confiscated from the drivers and they cannot go anywhere.

“News” specify that we are talking about the transit transportation of goods from Europe.

From the EU they are sent to the Belarusian border, and after that to Kazakhstan.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the authorities of Kazakhstan began to demand from Russian drivers permits for goods issued not to a domestic, but to a previous carrier, that is, a company from the EU, however, it is noted that these structures do not transfer documents to each other.

In addition, according to ASMAP, the new rule is contrary to the provisions of agreements on international road transport.

The Association called on Russian entrepreneurs to temporarily refrain from transit transportation until the situation is resolved.

The day before, Finnish Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Peyusti announced the need to create national legislation prohibiting the entry of Russian citizens into the country.

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