Ministry of Emergency Situations: after the plane crash in Yeysk, 13 people died. News of the day in the world and Russia today

The death toll from the crash of a Su-34 aircraft in the courtyard of a multi-storey building in Yeysk (Krasnodar Territory) has risen to 13 people.

This was announced on Tuesday, October 18, by Assistant Minister of Health of Russia Alexei Kuznetsov.

With reference to the data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, he clarified that after the rubble was cleared, the bodies of the dead were found.

In total, 13 people, including three children, died as a result of the plane crash.

Nineteen were injured, four of them were safely delivered for treatment to the Krasnodar Regional Hospital, the rest continue to receive treatment at the Yeysk hospital, ”-

quotes Kuznetsov RIA News”.

It is noted that 68 people were saved thanks to the prompt actions of fire and rescue units. More than 360 people were evacuated.

The Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, for his part, previously reported that four affected children were being treated in a mild and satisfactory condition. According to him, among those hospitalized are two pregnant women.

In the central district hospital TASS clarified that there is no threat to the lives of 15 victims as a result of the emergency. Three people remain in intensive care. Four more patients, including two children who were in intensive care, were sent to regional hospitals in Krasnodar.

In turn, the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced the completion of the analysis of the rubble at the site of the emergency.

On the evening of Monday, October 17, a Su-34 plane crashed in the city of Yeysk (Krasnodar Territory).

He took off from the military airfield of the Southern Military District to perform a training flight. While climbing, one of the engines caught fire, which, presumably, caused the aircraft to crash. Both pilots ejected.

The plane crashed into the courtyard of a high-rise building, a fire started.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexander Kurenkov, said that there was no explosion at the crash site.

According to him, the fire started because of a fuel spill.

The fire was assigned the 4th level of difficulty. All regional and regional fire and rescue garrisons were engaged in extinguishing the fire.

The prosecutor’s office of the Krasnodar Territory organized an investigation into the fall of a fighter-bomber. Investigators opened a criminal case.

The governor of the region, Veniamin Kondratiev, said that if the house is not restored, the Kuban authorities will buy new apartments for people who have lost their homes.

The families of those who died after the emergency in Yeysk will be paid 1 million rubles each.

Russian President Vladimir Putin listened to the reports of ministers and the head of the Krasnodar Territory on the situation in Yeysk.

The head of state instructed to provide all necessary assistance to the victims.

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